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I've been waiting to get a new computer, and now that I've got a job and got accepted to college I can start animating this summer.

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Posted by DerekKndrck - July 11th, 2010

The animating for The Adventures of Ninja and friends has started. Already three scenes have been animated with many more to go. We are planning to have it be a five minute animation with sequels. The animation is smooth and crisp and with a little tinkering we will be able to do more advanced shots.

For now here is a picture of a few of the characters. This picture was a ruff draft so some of the characters appearances have changed.


I know that barely anyone could care about my profile and it has been a long time since I check my Newgrounds account, but for the random person who does view my profile.... This animation project has been shut down. It was a nice idea that I want to try to do, but at the current state I've realized that I am not an animator and probably never will be. Animation takes time and dedication which I don't see myself really having... I also don't have the resources to try and create this animation so that's also another reason this project will probably never happen.

Just thought I would let people know who take a look at my profile..... You know who you are.

The Adevtures of ninja project not happening

Posted by DerekKndrck - June 4th, 2010

I don't really know if anyone really reads these little blurbs I put out, but it keeps me entertained. Well I'm going to be getting a new computer very soon and that means I'll be able to start animating. The Pokemon series will be put on hold since I don't think I'm that good at animating yet. Instead I'm going to start out small with a 3-5 minute animation based on a comic me and my friends worked on this entire year. It's based on a Ninja and his friends Wizard, Ashley, That Guy, and G-Man. It sounds stupid, but it's actually really funny... from my point of view.

Any who, I'm just really exited and wanted you all to know.

Posted by DerekKndrck - April 21st, 2010

OK so it's been almost a year since I announced my animated series. With ideas flowing between me and my friends we felt like we really had something going, then something terrible happened. My laptop overdosed on life and died. It lasted for a good five years and is now dead. With no job and no way to replace my computed I began to fade away from newgrounds.

About a year has passed now and things have changed, for the best I hope. I've recently gotten a job, been accepted to college, and am going to get a computer soon... IF I manage to get off my lazy ass and stop playing on the PS3.

I still need to practice my animation skills and will probably take years before I can actually create my Pokemon animation series.

I hate explaining myself, but what the hell that's my excuse for taking a long time to create an animated series.

Why my laptop has shit the bed

Posted by DerekKndrck - June 16th, 2009

I'm really sorry to tell you guys that Pokemon Rescue Squad has been delayed due to technical difficulties. My laptop's battery has died resulting in me not being able to work on the animation. I'm going to have to get a new battery, which I might get in July. I'm really sorry this happened those of you who were looking forward to this. We're not sure when this animation will be released, so if you can sit back and be patient we'll try our best to fix this... and when we get the computer working again we are going to work our ass's off to get this son of a bitch done. We want it to be perfect so it will take more time to work out any bugs in the animation. This is just a heads up to anyone interested in the series.

On a more happier note we can release the Pokemon names that will be in the first episode.


We thank you for taking the time to read this up date.

Posted by DerekKndrck - June 5th, 2009

I'm pretty happy that this idea is coming along. This is basically going to be a better version of Poke'mon Mystery Dungeon. The script is written and voice acting is on the way. The series might be at least ten episodes, judging on if it's good at all. It's going to be a team effort with me, Tstorm, Calcos, and TheMooseWhoLived. I will say that the main characters will be Houndour, Abra, and Munchlax who unexpectedly become a team. We're trying to make it blow peoples minds away so it might take a while. It could be coming out this summer, but we don't know yet. That is what's going on so far, so feel free to comment if you like. Thanks.

Poke'mon Rescue Squad Coming Soon