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Why my laptop has shit the bed

2010-04-21 17:42:26 by DerekKndrck

OK so it's been almost a year since I announced my animated series. With ideas flowing between me and my friends we felt like we really had something going, then something terrible happened. My laptop overdosed on life and died. It lasted for a good five years and is now dead. With no job and no way to replace my computed I began to fade away from newgrounds.

About a year has passed now and things have changed, for the best I hope. I've recently gotten a job, been accepted to college, and am going to get a computer soon... IF I manage to get off my lazy ass and stop playing on the PS3.

I still need to practice my animation skills and will probably take years before I can actually create my Pokemon animation series.

I hate explaining myself, but what the hell that's my excuse for taking a long time to create an animated series.

Why my laptop has shit the bed


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