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The Adevtures of ninja project not happening

2010-07-11 00:10:33 by DerekKndrck

The animating for The Adventures of Ninja and friends has started. Already three scenes have been animated with many more to go. We are planning to have it be a five minute animation with sequels. The animation is smooth and crisp and with a little tinkering we will be able to do more advanced shots.

For now here is a picture of a few of the characters. This picture was a ruff draft so some of the characters appearances have changed.


I know that barely anyone could care about my profile and it has been a long time since I check my Newgrounds account, but for the random person who does view my profile.... This animation project has been shut down. It was a nice idea that I want to try to do, but at the current state I've realized that I am not an animator and probably never will be. Animation takes time and dedication which I don't see myself really having... I also don't have the resources to try and create this animation so that's also another reason this project will probably never happen.

Just thought I would let people know who take a look at my profile..... You know who you are.

The Adevtures of ninja project not happening


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2012-01-31 21:38:59

And you give me a 1 for "average animation"? I hope your story and voice acting are awesome. But since this will be your first animation, as Batman was mine, maybe people won't be a douche like you were to me. Good luck, I'll be waiting for it.

DerekKndrck responds:

Did I forget to mention that I've stopped trying to animate? This was posted back in 2010 and I have no need to go back and try to animate this.... Besides if you wanted to see me trolling I could of just given you a zero and said that your Batman animation sucked, but I didn't. In fact that review was less harsh from the one I was thinking of posting. Wait all your life for an animation from me, because it's probably going to be a long wait.....