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It was good.

I like Hetalia and this was a pretty fun animation to watch. The characters where interesting to watch interacting with each other and I diffidently liked America's witty back talk. Reminded me a lot of Deadpool. I do wish to know where the audio came from so I could watch the source material.

Ok start

I think a bit of sound could make this a bit better.... Maybe when you mention what you dream of have a cats meow in there? A voice over with a good mic could make this a bit more appealing to the audience.


It's a pretty good test for lip syncing. I did like the fact that the characters eyes where matching the rhythm of the song. It's better than most test stuff and actual finished stuff I have seen.

Maybe a bit more shots.

It gets the point across and I know it's a trailer, but I would of liked to of seen a few more shots... Maybe have something going on in the background while you have that white text happening... But it's a trailer so I'm hoping that the actual project will be good.

GamekrazzyProduction responds:

yes, and I agree fully. Either way I am glad that you liked it. :P


It really wasn't that funny... The voices weren't really that great and the animation was kind of average. The jokes weren't there for me and came off as bad. If there was one thing that I liked it was the title, but overall I didn't enjoy this animation.

IaMI2002 responds:

This is our first animation, and we're not professionals. I'm not sure what level of rating you're judging us on but we appreciate the view. Have you ever animated full body characters with muscles and complex facial expressions. Judging from your gallery I would say no. Next time we'll use a thousand tweens and stick figures.

Thanks for your harsh critique with no real solid advice to improve. Anytime I give a 1 I try to back up it up with reasoning and positive reinforcement helping the artist grow and become better over all. Your response is simply trolling. Thanks.

Sorry you didn't enjoy it though. We put a lot of time and effort into this piece as we wanted to have a good premiere to an already epic website. I hope people aren't as harsh to you as you were to us.

Oh Eric

Favorite character is Eric. Go wrist watch go!!!!!


I like how Einstine was in it. Or was it him?

It's over (Sob)

I'm so sad that it's over, but I knew that it was coming so I'm not that sad.

It was ok.

It was good. I think it could of been better if there was more emotion in the voice acting.

SirReginald responds:

emotion is overrated.
(i tried.)


That is a very catchy tune. My only question is, why is Link a furry?

I've been waiting to get a new computer, and now that I've got a job and got accepted to college I can start animating this summer.

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